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My home waters are the Wynoochee River, Satsop River and the South Fork Toutle River. I specialize … [Read More]

Steelhead on the Wynoochee River

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Pro Guide, John "JR" Hall has been river fishing for Steelhead and Salmon on Washington, Oregon, and … [Read More]

JR on the Wynoochee River.

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There are fewer things in life that compare to the peace and tranquility found in day spent casting … [Read More]

Heron Pattern Fly

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Steelhead Jig

Hey Mike Don’t Forget To Duck

Mike and Dennis with Steelhead they caught on January 12th, 2015.

LOL, what a day. I spent the day drifting for Steelhead with Mike and Dennis. We had a great day and hooked several fish, including the 3 dandies that Mike and Dennis are holding. The best part of the day was watching Dennis (the one in the yellow jacket) set the hook on a fish, […]

Hey Bernie You’ve Got Fish Slime On Your Lips

JR and Damen with a Steelhead on December 29th, 2014.

Wow! What a day. I spent the day drifting with Bernie and his son-in-law Damen. Bernie is from South Dakota and until this day had never seen a Steelhead before. We hooked several fish including these two dandies. Speaking of dandies, check-out Bernie kissing Damen’s fish. Hey Bernie, that explains why your coffee tasted a […]

A Day with Twitchy Kevin and Spazzy John

Kevin and John with salmon they caught on December 8th, 2014.

What a day! I can’t recall a trip where I have laughed harder. I spent the day drifting with Kevin and John. That’s John holding the big Coho. Funny thing about that big fish; we managed to catch it with no drag, and a reel in one hand and a fishing rod in the other… […]

A Great Day with Larry and Eric

Larry and Eric, November 13th, 2014.

I spent the day drifting for Coho and Chum with Larry and Eric. Talk about cold… we started our day with temps in the low 20’s. Just a few minutes downstream of the boat launch and we started hooking Coho; now, that’s how you stay warm on a cold day. Another way to stay warm […]